Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is Christ Divided?

Paul asks this question to the church that was in Corinth..."Is Christ divided?" Some of the folks up there where grumbling about how one follows Paul, another Apollos, and another following Cephas, so Paul asks if Christ is divided. Find this passage in 1Corinthians 1:11-13. Paul continues this instruction in the 2nd chapter and says, "I decided to know nothing from you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. It is Christ my friends, and nothing more.

Unfortunately, if Paul was here today and asked us this same question, we would have no choice but to say...Yes Paul...Christ is divided. Some say their Baptist, and some say their Church of God, and some say their Catholic, and some say Methodist, and on and on it goes. I was once at a conference that over 100 different denominations present. Yes Paul...Christ is divided into hundreds of little pieces. No Paul, where we are not divided based on Christ and him crucified; we are divided on things such as how we believe worship should be handled, or how we interpret this or that scripture, man...I could go on and on with a million of reasons we are divided Paul, but it's not because none of disagree about Jesus Christ and him crucified. I can go on with a full teaching on this subject out of 1 Corinthians alone, which I may do in the next day or two on my other blog "The Veil Has Been Lifted", but I just wanted to share my thought for the day, so he we go.

It is a natural tendency for man/world to separate based on differences. We just can't simply be together if we don't see things the same way. There has been thousands of wars and hundreds of thousands of lives lost based on this matter alone. In fact, I believe that in the realm of the denominational wars (Yes wars) thousands of souls die in it's spiritual bloody conflicts. We have a whole world of people who have no faith in Christ based on this fact. I have heard many say that even Jesus' own followers don't know what they believe.

If the body of Christ was indeed joined together as one as Christ built it to be, what would the world look like? What would be different? A true unity built upon Christ and him crucified, and not on how we believe we should worship Him? God took just twelve men that lived by this standard and they flipped the whole world upside down.

Just thinking...God bless.     

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