Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Day In Him...or In The World?

I find myself so often going through my days like I was Bill Murry in that movie "Groundhog Day". If you have not seen it, Bill re-lives the same day over and over again. I would think most have seen it, but if you have's a good movie. Anyway, I find myself living the same old day over and over again. The same old routine day after day after day after day....... I mean it is not like I get bored with my days. The kind of work I am in keeps me busy enough to keep me from boredom, but I will get so caught up in the work that it goes by so fast and leaves me wondering where the day went. The next day is a rerun of the day before. 

I heard a preacher one time say that we are not defined by our occupations. For example, if you practice medicine for a living and people call you doctor, that does not define who you are only what you do for a living. If you wait tables you are not a waiter/waitress, that is only what you do not who you are. Now this may not apply to any who have not made Jesus Christ there Lord and savior, but to those who have has a higher calling on their lives than what they do to pay the bills. I am not an EMT; I am a warrior in the army of the living God disguised as an EMT. I am a lover of souls, preacher and vessel of truth, and a child of a loving Father. This is who I am. God has called us all to, as Steven Curtis Chapman says, the Great Adventure. Every day we live should have this truth as our driving force. We, as I so often do, tend to get complacent, and we go through our days doing absalutly nothing for the Kingdom of God (our true home). 

I believe God has so much he would like for us to do and learn each and every day, but we get caught up in doing life instead of LIVING THE LIFE. Let us wake up every morning and pray that God will guide our every step, and help us to walk in who we really are IN HIM. No matter what we do for income, let us not forget what we really are. Let us reveal the Love of God to world who is in so bad of need of such Love. 

Just thinking...God bless.

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