Monday, May 10, 2010

Purpose Driven Life???

I know I know...such a title as you see above is old news. Another book that swept through the religious world like wild fire, sold thousands of copies, and made another preacher well known around the world. Till this day you can still find a copy of that book on book shelves in most every book store you enter. I, in fact, bought me a copy of this book back when it first came out, although I failed to get past chapter one.

I guess I bought that book for the same reason so many others did...I had a longing to find God's purpose for my life. I guess I thought that book was going to be like a spiritual grab bag. I would reach in, grab a tight hold, and pull out God's call on my life. " What's it going to be Lord...a teacher...missionary, preacher, evangelist, or a deacon?" It took about a whole five minutes to figure out that I would once again pull nothing but a handful of air out of that bag, so out the book went.

I am going to try to attempt an amazing task here. I am going to attempt to tell you God's purpose for you (the reader) in one little ol' blog posting and save you a whole 30 days of reading. Here we go...are you ready...

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind soul, and strength". Okay, that was the first chapter of my purpose for your life book; now here is the second and final chapter. "Love your neighbor as yourself". THE END.

Well....what do you think? Should I find me an publisher and get my name known throughout this planet. Who knows, I may be the next one to go off to some hostel Nation and conduct my own peace talks :) Your right...that's probably not God's purpose for my life. What was I thinking? It would do me no good to publish this writing because I would be charged with plagiarism. As you well know, you can find these very words in what we like to call "the Holy Scriptures" (aka Holy Bible).

You see, this is the whole will of God for our lives. Love God and love man with the same love we have received from God Himself. These are His commands for us. When these words are true in the life and heart of the believer, the what I am supposed to do and the were I am supposed to be questions suddenly disappear because Christ Himself will manifest himself in our lives however He sees fit to do so. Titles, names, and positions don't matter friends. Don't try and put a label on your life. Don't even call yourself Christian. Fall madly and deeply in love with the lover of our souls, and you will find your purpose.

I am not knocking books in this post. There are some good ones out there that will feed your spirit, but I was reminded by a friend of mine a few weeks ago, that we have been given a book that has answers for even your hardest questions...The Scriptures. After all, if any writer ever wrote a book worth reading, he found his or her core points in the same book you already have. Let us read within it's pages and find true purpose for our lives.

Just thinking...God bless!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vison...One Bumpy Ride

Joseph, Mr "Coat of Many Colors" himself, had a number of dreams that spoke of what God had planed for him many years latter. It was the telling of those dreams that literally set in motion that very plan. Joseph told his brothers, in detail, of his visions, and it provoked Joseph's brothers to take drastic measures. (We all know the story). Even Joseph had no ideal the plan that God had laid out. He had no ideal that his brothers would through him into a pit, fake his death, and sell him into slavery. All he really had was a vision that his brothers would one day bow before him. The events that took place in his life where filled with ups and downs; however, it was every single up and every single down in Joseph's life that set the field, if you will, for the next step in God's plan for him. Of course we all know that the day came that Joseph's brother's did in fact bow before him.

I find myself in a similar experance as Joseph. All I really know at this point in my life is that I had a vision. A vision of the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever seen. This vision has utterly changed everything I am. This glimpse into God's plan has driven my heart into a complete surrendering of everything I once thought, and it has birthed in me a zeal I had never known. I, like Joseph, am going through many ups and downs. My faith is being tried on every hand it seems. I shared my vision with brothers, and I to feel I to have been thrown into a pit. I do what I believe God is doing. I have traveled thousands of miles to be where I am right now because I believe in this vision. All I have is faith, and, believe me friends, in the past few weeks that faith has weakened. I am left with doubt once again. I know I know...I am pathetic. All I know at this point is I still have this vision that God has given me. I must look beyond what I see with my eyes and feel in my flesh, and put my trust fully in the One that has given such vision. I am here in Kentucky because I am convinced God has led me here. Even if everything is not going the way I seen it, I must trust. I one of Joseph's dreams he had bails of wheat, or something of the sort, bow to him. It did not end up that way. The bales where in fact his brothers. I am not saying anyone will bow to me, I am merely saying that God will work out His plan His way. I must always remember that even if I am being accused, as Pottifer's wife, and thrown into prison. If brothers don't walk with me or I can't get a job... God has a plan. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I still know Who holds tomorrow.

As always...still thinking. God bless!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Satan A Theologian?

“The devil is a better theologian than any of us and is a devil still.” A.W. Tozer HMMMM...that is something to think about; is it not.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Walk In The Spirit Challenge

I would like to challenge all the readers to walk in the Spirit of God an entire day. Wake up in the morning and pray..."God, please help me to walk in complete obedience to you today. Help me to see You in every single thing I do. Help me to look for you on my drive to work/school etc. Help me to see and hear you in every person I come into contact with today. If you have something for me to learn Lord I will learn it. If you have something for me to do Lord I will do it. This day, and every moment in it belongs to You my Father...amen".

This will be no easy task as we are so used to walking in the normal every day jive of our every day lives, but I want to encourage you to keep on. Give your every thought to the Lord for an entire day. When you catch yourself drifting away, catch yourself, repent, then continue on. Even when your at work and your attention is supposed to be focused on that work, give it to the Lord. Have a song of praise in your heart to sing to Him throughout the day. Even in the most rudest person you meet that day, look for what God is saying to you. You never know, He may show you that your the same way. Do this as an experiment for one day, and see what God will do.

This is how the Children of God is to live every day, but we have so long missed Him. Remember, God Himself lives inside of everyone of His Children. We can't accomplish such a task without Him, for there is absolutely nothing about us that can live such a life. We are flesh, and we live carnally because we are carnal. But believe and trust in the Christ that is in us. I promise, when you begin to take on such a task as to believe and walk in this way, it will forever change how you view life.

I don't know, you know me...I am just thinking :) and believing!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pour All We Have

Today, even amongst Christians, there can be found much of that spirit that wants to give as little as possible to the Lord, and yet to get as much as possible from Him. The prevailing thought today is of being used, as though that were the one thing that mattered. That my little rubber band should be stretched to the very limit seems all important. But this is not the Lord's mind. The Lord wants us to be used, yes; but what He is after is that we pour all we have, ourselves, to Him, and if that be all, that is enough.

Watchman Nee


“One hundred religious persons knit into a unity by careful organizations do not constitute a church any more than eleven dead men make a football team. The first requisite is life, always.”
... A.W. Tozer

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Podcast

Be sure to check out mine and James' New podcast entitled 2 Walk 2 Gether. Where James and I share more of our hearts on what God is doing with us on this Journey of faith. If you can't listen right away, download and listen later. We hope it will be a blessing to you. God bless.