Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vison...One Bumpy Ride

Joseph, Mr "Coat of Many Colors" himself, had a number of dreams that spoke of what God had planed for him many years latter. It was the telling of those dreams that literally set in motion that very plan. Joseph told his brothers, in detail, of his visions, and it provoked Joseph's brothers to take drastic measures. (We all know the story). Even Joseph had no ideal the plan that God had laid out. He had no ideal that his brothers would through him into a pit, fake his death, and sell him into slavery. All he really had was a vision that his brothers would one day bow before him. The events that took place in his life where filled with ups and downs; however, it was every single up and every single down in Joseph's life that set the field, if you will, for the next step in God's plan for him. Of course we all know that the day came that Joseph's brother's did in fact bow before him.

I find myself in a similar experance as Joseph. All I really know at this point in my life is that I had a vision. A vision of the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever seen. This vision has utterly changed everything I am. This glimpse into God's plan has driven my heart into a complete surrendering of everything I once thought, and it has birthed in me a zeal I had never known. I, like Joseph, am going through many ups and downs. My faith is being tried on every hand it seems. I shared my vision with brothers, and I to feel I to have been thrown into a pit. I do what I believe God is doing. I have traveled thousands of miles to be where I am right now because I believe in this vision. All I have is faith, and, believe me friends, in the past few weeks that faith has weakened. I am left with doubt once again. I know I know...I am pathetic. All I know at this point is I still have this vision that God has given me. I must look beyond what I see with my eyes and feel in my flesh, and put my trust fully in the One that has given such vision. I am here in Kentucky because I am convinced God has led me here. Even if everything is not going the way I seen it, I must trust. I one of Joseph's dreams he had bails of wheat, or something of the sort, bow to him. It did not end up that way. The bales where in fact his brothers. I am not saying anyone will bow to me, I am merely saying that God will work out His plan His way. I must always remember that even if I am being accused, as Pottifer's wife, and thrown into prison. If brothers don't walk with me or I can't get a job... God has a plan. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I still know Who holds tomorrow.

As always...still thinking. God bless!

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