Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Satan A Theologian?

“The devil is a better theologian than any of us and is a devil still.” A.W. Tozer HMMMM...that is something to think about; is it not.


  1. I like how Donald Miller puts it in his April 26th blog. "We commonly believe that the Evil One wants us to teach bad theology, and I suppose he does. But what he wants to do more is to have us teach right theology in a way that devalues human beings, insults and belittles them, and so sets them against the loving message of God.

    So if we teach right theology in a way that is condescending, we are just as guilty as being heretics. That’s why the Bible spends as much or more time talking about love as it does about doctrine. My guess is we love doctrine because it makes us feel superior, but neglect love because it calls for personal sacrifice and vulnerability."

  2. Amen Daniel. This is a truth that Father taught me a few years back. I, myself, was one who handled the Word in this very same manor. I had no ideal I was at the time. Jesus was tempted by the enemy in the same way. Satan used the very words found right in the scriptures, and he has deceived many with the same tactic.

    Thanks for commenting bro.


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