Friday, April 2, 2010

Walk In The Spirit Challenge

I would like to challenge all the readers to walk in the Spirit of God an entire day. Wake up in the morning and pray..."God, please help me to walk in complete obedience to you today. Help me to see You in every single thing I do. Help me to look for you on my drive to work/school etc. Help me to see and hear you in every person I come into contact with today. If you have something for me to learn Lord I will learn it. If you have something for me to do Lord I will do it. This day, and every moment in it belongs to You my Father...amen".

This will be no easy task as we are so used to walking in the normal every day jive of our every day lives, but I want to encourage you to keep on. Give your every thought to the Lord for an entire day. When you catch yourself drifting away, catch yourself, repent, then continue on. Even when your at work and your attention is supposed to be focused on that work, give it to the Lord. Have a song of praise in your heart to sing to Him throughout the day. Even in the most rudest person you meet that day, look for what God is saying to you. You never know, He may show you that your the same way. Do this as an experiment for one day, and see what God will do.

This is how the Children of God is to live every day, but we have so long missed Him. Remember, God Himself lives inside of everyone of His Children. We can't accomplish such a task without Him, for there is absolutely nothing about us that can live such a life. We are flesh, and we live carnally because we are carnal. But believe and trust in the Christ that is in us. I promise, when you begin to take on such a task as to believe and walk in this way, it will forever change how you view life.

I don't know, you know me...I am just thinking :) and believing!

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