Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today I was thinking of friends. I have had the pleasure of knowing many different people along this life that I have lived up to this point. Many of them I called friends. I have worked along side some good people for the cause of Christ. As my mind goes back to those times I can't help but smile as I remember so many things that I have seen God do through those years. God has taught me so much through each and every one of those folks. So many names and faces come to my mind such as Marty, John, JD, Ron, James, Roger, Uriah, Zeb, Noah, Tommy, Rick, Frank, Ron, Gary, Josh, Marshal, Shawn, and so so so many more.

Unfortunately, most of the names that you read above, not all but most, are people whom I never hear from anymore. Many of them have turned their backs to me. Some have just drifted away in time. A small few I still am in contact with to this day. I am, however, very grateful to each and every one of them. God has blessed me to know these people, and I am where I am with God today, largely through God using these people in my life. I can honestly think of at least one thing God has taught me through each and every name I mentioned above. I miss every one of these people, and I love them so very much; however, they are not with me any longer, or at least not now. I have new friends that God has put in my life at the moment, and He has much to teach me through them. I hope, through the years to come, they will still be in my life, but my experience has been a negative in that department.

You know...Jesus has never left me. Every year that I have been on this journey My relationship with the lover of my soul has only grown stronger. Everything I have been through, and everywhere I have been my friend has always been right there with me. I have lost friends, and some family along this path that God has led me to walk, but he is still right there. I have failed my God way more times than I have failed my family and friends, yet He is still right there. I guess when Jesus said that He would never leave me nor forsake me He really did mean it.

You know, I really don't believe God ever intended for all of these people He has put in my life through the years to just drift away like they have. After all, if we are all indeed brothers and sisters in Christ, we are going to be stuck with each other for all eternity. In fact, God's intent for His people is to be ONE with Him through the unity of His Spirit here on this earth. It is that unity that displays the glorious Body of Christ to a world who has never seen Him. Things such as these are just a few of many things I don't understand. Ether way, I am a blessed man to have known each one these people, and I thank God for their lives, and I pray from the depths of my heart that God would draw each one of them, including myself, closer and closer to His heart and will. I further pray that we can all be as one in this earth one day as Christ intended for His family to be.

Just one more thought for you...God bless.

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  1. After all, if we are all indeed brothers and sisters in Christ, we are going to be stuck with each other for all eternity... GLAD I WILL BE STUCK WITH YOU! Love ya, Leah


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