Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Truly Lord

You know, I have heard it said, I have said it myself, that God owns everything, but it has just recently become clear to me how true that is. It is like a song that you have heard a million and one times, and all of a sudden, on the million and 2nd time, you just got what it was saying. I was just driving down the road and looking at the cars going by, and this thought came to me. Every one of those cars doesn’t belong to the person driving them. I am not talking about the leans that are on the most of them, but God owns them all. Every single BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Chevy, Toyota, etc belongs to God. I know a simple thought huh; however, let us look a little deeper.

God has created all things…ALL THINGS. All that your eyes can behold was spoke into existence thousands of years ago by God Himself. Every hill, valley, tree, flower, mineral, plant…all that is known to man, and all that is not, was created by this Master Creator. He is Alfa and Omega, the beginning and the end of all things, and all of these things are in His hands to do whatever He wills. You would not have cars without drawing from earths resources to build it. You would not the home you live in without the trees or stones God created; In fact, you would have nothing.

We work so hard in this life to obtain these things that God created. Most of our ambitions are geared toward this purpose in mind. The whole gospel of this world is to lead you and I away from God, and replace Him with these earthly goods. So many have become lovers of the “creation instead of the Creator”. Friends, all of these things will come to not.

God will let you have these things if that is your desire, but, as Jesus said, you have your reward. Pour your whole life into achieving worldly success and you will probably get your heart’s desire. Just know this my friends, God is truly Lord even if you have recognized that He is on the throne or not. God is Lord over all, even if you choose to believe in Him or not. You may have one of everything this world can offer you, but God can take it all away in an instant if He so chooses. How can He you ask…Because it all belongs to Him.

Here is my conclusion; all that I have or am belongs to my God. “My” car, clothes, and even “my” family are His and not my own, and He can do whatever He wants with them. They have always belonged to Him, the only difference now is that I recognize that Truth. He is my Lord and my God. Jesus said to not take thought of the things we may need through this life because God knows our needs, and IF (condition) we seek first His Kingdom, then all of those needs would be given to us. Why would I want to chase after the things of the world when I can be a child of the King how owns it all. I am not talking about some prosperity gospel here ladies and gatemen, I don’t think God cares one bit about making sure you have a $500,000 home and a BMW, I am talking about a treasure worth far more than all the “stuff” one can gain in this world. I am talking about a LIFE, an abundant life, an eternal life, The Life, that can only be found when one bows at the throne of The Lord God, creator of all things, and The King that will way outlast this world and all that it holds.

Just a thought…….


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